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Is this service free?

Yes, it is free. You can upload, download and analyze pcap files (and pcapng) for free. It does not require any personalization or any charge. Please note that free usage is limited by 25Mb per pcap/pcapng file.

What information am I sharing when I upload a pcap file ?

Everything stored within the pcap file, including the file itself. Please be sure to read the privacy policy before submitting your the first file.

Does the service store all my files for a long time ?

No! We store only last 100 uploaded files.

How long does pcap analysis take ?

It takes about 15-20 sec. for analyze depending on the overall service load.

What does A-Packets can offer compare to traditional tools ?

Quick review of network structure and main services as a graph, client-server communications and data for HTTP, FTP, Telnet, SIP and other protocols using shareable form of reports.

I want to remove my file after uploading.

You can remove it by yourself for private files or ask to remove the public file with contact form.

What does registration offer ?

You can upload files privately according to Pricing Plan and remove it by yourself. Private files are invisible to others.

I found a bug !

If you find a bug, please report it with contact form.