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How to upload a pcap file with a REST API Key

This functionality is available only for customers who subscribed for Professional or Business plan.

You can find REST API Key in your profile (starting from Professional subscription). Click Show to display the existing key or click Generate to (re)generate a new one. All features available to your account, such as limiting the number of files or file size, also apply to uploading files using the key.

REST API key in user profile

Upload a pcap file

Run this command to put a file to processing queue:

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer <REST API Key>" -F file=@<path to pcap file> https://apackets.com/api/v1/upload/private/

You will get a response from the upload service with pcap UUID for further reference:

{"name":"<pcap file name>","uuid":"<pcap UUID>"}

Processing status

During the file processing you can check the status using the pcap UUID from the previous step:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <REST API Key>" https://apackets.com/api/v1/pcaps/private/status/<pcap UUID>

When pcap processing is complete, the request returns

{"status": "ok"}
{"status": "processing"}

After completion you can browse and manage processed files in your profile on https://apackets.com/my

Usage info

To check your subscription limits and view current usage run:

curl -H "Authorization: Bearer <REST API Key>" https://apackets.com/api/v1/pcaps/private/user/limits

Output example:

    "currentFilesCount": 2,
    "filesLimit": 500,
    "maxFileSize": 104857600